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How to reduce eye strain while attending online classes ?

Well, it is true that online classes have come as a boon for all the students around the world during COVID-19 pandemic. The students have been able to continue their studies without any obstacles and prepare for their target exams through these Live Online Classes only. However, students tend to get strain on their eyes by using much of digital screens i.e. laptops, mobile phones, tablets etc. So, here is this blog that can help you take your online classes without putting hardly any stress on your eyes. Read on the tips further-

• Use laptops instead of phones : When you are attending your online classes, you must ensure using a laptop, desktop, or tablet for it. the reason behind is that bigger screens give you a better view and you don’t have to magnify each slide to read the text as you do on a mobile phone. Using a mobile phone will only end up putting a strain on your eyes.

• Blink your eyes often : When you are studying an important topic, you get so engrossed that you forget to blink your eyes. This turns your eyes dry and you feel tired and strained. Thus, make sure to blink your eyes often and wash your face after every few hours of studying. In fact, when you have a break between two lectures, you can just lie down for ten minutes with your eyes closed.

• Study in the proper light : If your study room is not properly lit then you can have a bad time for your eyes. Dim lights will put a strain on your eyes and you might feel even dizzy due to that. So, it is important for you to have sufficient lighting in your room so that you can study comfortably. The tip here is to choose the room with an abundance of natural light for studying.

• Adjust screen brightness : You must not keep the brightness of your laptop/desktop/tablet screen very high, as it can stress your eyes. In fact, you should keep the brightness low and increase the contrast of your screen for a better vision. You can easily do these brightness adjustments from the settings of your device.

• Keep video games at a side : Since your schedule is already jam-packed with the online classes, you should avoid playing video games. Overusing of the screens can put a high level of stress on your eyes and can result in eye pain as well. If you cannot resist playing your favourite games then you better opt to enjoy them on the days when you don’t have any online classes.

• Take adequate sleep : It is inevitable to sleep for at least 6-8 hours in a day. Many times, students take the pressure of studies to an extent that they hardly sleep, and end up having severe pain in their eyes. So, you must make a proper schedule of sleep as well.

Therefore, if you are following all the aforementioned tips then you are not likely to have any eye strain and will be able to study effectively. Take Care!

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