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The New National Education Policy (NEP) is set to roll from the academic session 2022-23!

On 29th July 2020, the Union Government brought a transformative reform to the education system by launching the New National Education Policy (NEP). The ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) has also been renamed as Ministry of Education. After the old national education policy, which was launched back in 1986, this is the first education policy of the 21st century. The new NEP establishes the principles of Access, Equity, Quality, and Accountability and embraces the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development which aims to revise the regulations and governance of the education system in our country, by making both school and collegiate education more flexible and multidisciplinary so students can induce creative ideas which can vastly contribute to our growing economy. The policy also ensures that we appropriate 6 per cent of our GDP on education. It furthers greater outreach by encompassing students from age of 3 years instead of the previous age of 5 years. The NEP imbues certain principles viz. respect for diversity, equity & inclusion, community participation, & creativity. There is a greater emphasis on conceptual understanding rather than rote learning and learning for exams by identifying and recognising the unique capabilities of each student.

The vision of the National Education Policy 2020

  • To develop a deep sense of respect towards the fundamental rights, duties, and Constitutional values, bonding with one’s country, and conscious awareness of one’s role and responsibilities in a changing world.
  • To provide the citizenry with an education system that contributes to an equitable and vibrant knowledge society, by providing high-quality education to all.
  • To instill skills and values that support responsible commitment to human rights, sustainable development and living, and global well-being, thereby reflecting a truly global citizen.

Here Are Key Advantages of The New Education Policy of 2020!

  1. In this new policy, the 5+3+3+4 structure which comprises 12 years of school and 3 years of Anganwadi/ pre-school will replace the old 10+2 structure. This 5+3+3+4 structure corresponds to ages 3 to 8, 8 to 11, 11 to 14, and 14 to 18 while largely focusing on a student’s formative years of learning, which are foremost when it comes to overall holistic development.
  2. The policy proposes to provide students with a robust degree of flexibility after Class 10th board by allowing them to choose the subjects of their choice rather than force stream impositions on them.
  3. The NEP also introduces a three-language formula and proposes that two out of three languages i.e. mother tongue/local language/regional language will be used as the medium of instruction at least till Class 5th and may be extended till Class 8th & higher.
  4. The policy also formulates a National Curriculum Framework for Teacher Education, (NCFTE 2021) in line with the NCTE and in consultation with NCERT. It has also been proposed that by 2030, the minimum qualification for teaching shall be a four-year B.Ed. degree. Strict measures may be advocated against substandard standalone Teacher Education Institutions (TEIs).
  5. According to the national education policy 2020, an Academic Bank of Credit will be established wherein, if a student stops the pursuance of a particular degree, but has achieved a certain number of credits, he/she may transfer to a different institution and can avoid starting at that institution afresh. The credits earned by the students can be accumulated and counted when the final degree is completed.
  6. A National Testing Agency will be set up to conduct exams at a national level for higher education institutions. This will streamline the inadequacies seen in the current management and conduction of examinations throughout the country.

The New Education Policy will be accessed by millions of students, improving their lives by changing the atmosphere & spirit of education!

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