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Tips and Tricks for Parents to Motivate Their Kids During Online Classes

Virtual learning is entirely a new concept and kids are still adjusting to it after the pandemic. While they are busy attending the online classes back to back, parents must bear the responsibility to keep their kids motivated. Here we talk about some great tips and tricks which can help you boost your child’s attention and will to study online.

1. Try creating a structured routine- True that the offline classes have been replicated by the live online classes, but students still miss their normal or regular school routine. As a parent, what you can do is to try giving your child a recess break, a short break of 10 minutes between two classes and everything else that makes their routine almost similar to a normal day at school.

2. Don’t be a control freak – You need to be flexible if you want your child to study effectively. Here, efforts must be made to make your child feel good and comfortable about online learning. If your child wishes to take classes in the living room instead of his/her study room or maybe in the balcony, you must allow him/her. Changing the place won’t be that distracting as you might be thinking. Instead, it can help your child concentrate better.

3. Treat and motivate – It is possible that your child goes cranky or irritated and is not ready to complete the given assignment. So, it’s your responsibility to motivate your kids, which you can do by treating or incentivising them. For instance, you can promise them their favourite pastry, ice cream or whatever they are fond of, on completion of a specific assignment.

4. Give them space- Amidst the strict schedule of online classes, homework and project deadlines, your child needs space. The kids need personal time when they don’t want to be answerable for what they are doing. So, make sure you give them that needed space to not make them feel asphyxiated with the fixed schedule.

5. Praise and encourage- Even if your child did not attain top marks in the test, you must praise him/her for the effort and hard work that he/she put in the preparation of that test. Do not forget to praise and celebrate even the littlest of their achievements. It will encourage them to do even better.

Sticking to these tips and tricks are sure to motivate your kids and will make learning fun for them. So, it’s time to be a cool parent and handle your kids calmly. All the best!

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