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CLAT Myths Busted - Know Them NOW!

All set to embark on the journey of CLAT preparation? Dreaming of attaining your desired rank in CLAT? If yes then this blog will usher you to the path of success. Before commencing with the preparation, you must know about some myths related to CLAT preparation that students and even their parents have believed in and following for a long time. So, here is the time that you know about these myths and unlock every possibility to crack CLAT with flying colours.

1. Cracking CLAT is a rocket science- If you think only a topper in school and other scholastic & competitive exams can crack CLAT, and then think twice. You don’t need to be necessarily a topper at school level to become a Law Student. You should not be intimidated by the thought of preparing for CLAT. All you need is planning, time management and the guidance of the experts to get through CLAT.

2. Joining any coaching institute is okay- You must note that a thorough research on the coaching institutes for CLAT preparation must be done before enrolling in one. Perhaps, you wouldn’t want to put your dream of becoming a Law Graduate at stake by approaching an institute that hardly has experience in the education field. You need to look for the pioneer, the most premium institute that has a legacy of producing scintillating results in CLAT and other exams.

3. More the Books, Better the AIR - You must note that CLAT is not about reading 100 books but studying limited books with deep understanding. You need to practice more and more with the books that you have chosen to study from. The aspirants must give preference to the study material provided by the coaching institute. Solving previous years’ question papers and actively taking part in the mock tests is a key to achieving good AIR.

4. Studying at the eleventh hour is enough- If you think that you can crack CLAT only by studying for the last few months before the exam then you are certainly mistaken. You need to start early, right from your school to prepare your mind for CLAT. Investing more time in studying allow you to focus on the details of a topic and will give you a better understanding of the different concepts. Only when you are prepared well beforehand, the last few months of revision can prove to be beneficial.

5. Shunning social life will help- You really don’t have to shun your social life entirely while preparing for CLAT. If you are studying 8-10 hours a day, you can always take out an hour or so to have a chat with your friends, enjoy watching TV with your family or play your favourite game. Giving up your social life for studies will only fill you with boredom and stress. So, it’s okay to go out for an evening walk after an intense session of studying. Unwind yourself!

Remember, cracking CLAT requires working hard but smartly. There are no shortcuts to make it through this mammoth exam but with the support of experienced mentors, well researched study material and 100% dedication, you can achieve your desired rank. So, it’s time prepare well and put your best foot forward on the CLAT day. All the best!

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