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How to Handle Stress and Anxiety before CLAT?

While the CLAT 2024 is just around the corner, it is sure that most of you must be under stress and anxiety. No doubt that this exam is one of the most challenging entrance exams and requires absolute dedication, hard work, and yes, belief in yourself. It’s only with concrete preparation and a stress-free mind that you will be able to sail through CLAT and achieve your desired rank. Below discussed are some of the helpful and highly effective ways to handle anxiety and stress before CLAT. Go through them-

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1. Meditate- You must know that studies have shown that meditating before the exam greatly contributes to improved concentration, memory, and reading comprehension. With this, it aids in relieving stress & anxiety and prevents you from getting distracted both during the preparation and while attempting the exam. You can try Walking Meditation, Mantra Meditation, Kindness Meditation, and even take Sound Healing sessions.

2. Manifest positivity- True that even the thought of attempting CLAT can bring you anxiety and sweat but there is a way to deal with it. After you have prepared well for the exam and have put in all your efforts, you must keep the negative thoughts away. Stop doubting your ability to solve a complex problem or stop worrying about recalling all the learned concepts while you are writing the paper. Believe in yourself! Manifest positivity every day.

3. Keep attempting mock tests- The more you will attempt the mock tests, the more you will gain an idea of the real CLAT question paper. Not only you will develop confidence but will also get an insight into your shortcomings and will be able to work on them. With every mock test, your exam fear will subside, and you will develop the right exam temperament. And the most important part of your preparation is to be well versed with the syllabus and pattern of the paper thoroughly.

4. Learn Time Management – The biggest stress hits when you spend sleepless nights thinking whether you will be able to finish the exam on time or not. But, do not worry anymore! With some effective ways, you can develop time management skills. Make sure to attempt timed practice papers during your revision phase, put more focus on the problems/questions that are worth 25% of the total score, look for quick wins by answering the easy questions first and keep an eye on the clock.

5. Set realistic expectations- Setting realistic expectations simply means expecting scores as per the level of your preparation. See, you cannot expect to attain top All India Ranks if you have not prepared well and likewise, you should not be worried about failing to achieve your desired rank if you have studied to your full potential. Hence, there is no need to panic before the exam or get disappointed seeing your scores later.

LEGALITE ACADEMY as a premier institute for the preparation of CLAT & other Law Entrance exams has always emphasised the need to provide a stressful & tension-free academic environment to its students. A holistic learning ecosystem where students enjoy solving complex questions rather than getting bogged down by them. So, now that you know these highly effective ways to overcome stress and anxiety before the exam, you must follow them to put your best foot forward on the CLAT Main day. All the best!

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