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Limit your gadget usage during exams – Know how ?

These days, it’s normal for children as young as 2 to spend a few hours of their play time holding mobile phones or tablets. Mobiles, PSPs, iPad, laptop and other gadgets can hamper your study pattern and can throw you far from achieving your academic goals. So, the only solution to work on your study goals is to limit your gadget use. This blog mentions some of the cool and effective ways to limit your gadget use during exam and study effectively. Read them as discussed under :-

• Fix social media time : Most of the times when you use your mobile, iPad or laptop, it is for social media engagements. You tend to check the notifications and updates of all your social media applications and spend hours reverting back to your circle. To curb this, you can fix social media time. Let’s say, if you fix half an hour or one hour a day then you must stay active on social media for that period only.

• Switch off Wi-Fi and mobile data : With no internet connectivity on your phone, notifications from your innumerable apps will not pop up every now and then. Hence, you will not be tempted to check your phone every next second. In fact, you can also keep your phone on silent mode. With phone kept away from your sight, you will not be distracted and will be able to focus on your study schedule.

• Use study breaks for gadget use : Since you already have study breaks in your timetable, you should not take separate breaks for your gadget use. You can use your phone in that break only, in order to avoid spending more than the intended time using gadgets.

• Delete applications : Deleting not just the apps that you occasionally but also the ones that you think consume more of your time will help you focus better on studies. Look for the most distracting apps and go ahead with removing them from your phone.

• Look for replacement activities : This can be one good way to limit your gadget use. When your brain craves any distraction, look for some productive and healthy replacement activities such as reading a book, writing a journal, doing a workout and likewise. Look for your area of interest and what counts in healthy living to decide on the replacement activity.

• Take adequate sleep : It is inevitable to sleep for at least 6-8 hours in a day. Many times, students take the pressure of studies to an extent that they hardly sleep, and end up having severe pain in their eyes. So, you must make a proper schedule of sleep as well.

It is sure that by following the above-discussed tips, you will achieve limiting your gadget use and concentrate better on your studies. With this, to turn your preparation more concrete, you can approach experienced mentors to learn how to study more effectively and attain your desired marks. All the best and study well!

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